Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

Friday, 29 March 2013

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash - Rebalance

I never thought that body wash from a brand like Dove would ever be something that I would be desperate to blog about. However, after being forced to leave my beloved Soap & Glory Clean On Me back at uni, I have now discovered this beauty. Dove have released a number of body washes that are enriched with their breakthrough 'NutriumMoisture', which means that your skin stays softer and hydrated for longer between showers, and with the weather (hopefully) getting warmer, prolonged moisture is important for keeping that tan!
Dove have released these in a variety of scents, each having its own purpose. I am using Rebalance at the moment and have Revive in the cupboard waiting to go, but they also have Burst, Energise and Fresh Touch, so it is just a case of finding what suits you!

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  1. I have sensitive skin and have used Dove for years, I use the one with gold flecks and it really does leave the skin clean but moisturised and so soft... Great post