L'Oréal Studio Matt & Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I have had my eye on this for some time now, during my quest for finally achieving beach waves hair that looks like Blake Lively's. It cost less than £4 in Superdrug and I have to say, what an amazing bargain. I washed my hair that night, applied it and just let it dry naturally. I scrunched it a little but honestly, barely at all and the overall effect seemed to be all down to the product. It also gives a great matte finish, which sounds slightly odd when describing hair, but I would say the best way to describe it is that it just dulls down your hair slightly, which is great if you are going for the grunge 90s look that everyone is loving right now.

The only downside to the product was the smell when applying, which reminded me slightly of nail varnish but by the time my hair had dried this had disappeared and was replaced by the normal smell of shampoo. It also seems to work better at the back, with the front of my hair looking straighter than the rest, but to be honest, that might just be my hair. The bottle doesn't seem that big but I am yet to see how long it lasts for, so can't make much of a judgement on that just yet. Overall, this is a great product and I would definitely repurchase again and again. 


  1. this sounds good for the price i think i might have to give it a try follow my blog il be review some hair products soon xx sophiejacksonx@blogspot.co.uk