March Favourites!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

From Left Clockwise: Tangle Teezer; L'Oréal Studio Matt & Messy Spray; Soap & Glory Spray On Moisturising Mist; Rimmel London Apocalips in Luna; Laura Ashley Home Candle in Mille Fleurs; Topshop Creme Blsuh in Head Over Heels.

This week I have spent most of my time adding the finishing touches to my bedroom after decorating, meaning that when I come home from uni for the summer, I won't have to live in a bedroom that has had the same decor since I was 13. One of these touches was this candle from Laura Ashley Home. My Mum had actually bought this a fair while ago and gave it to me because she thought it would suit my room, and I love it. I'm not allowed candles at uni (fire hazard blah blah blah) but I adore them, and this one is one of my all time favs. I normally tend to go for the stronger scented candles - I love the strawberry ones from IKEA - but this is a delicate floral scent which is actually really nice, not too overpowering and is slowly bringing me round to idea that it is meant to be spring. Not exactly a beauty product I know, but just had to share!

 I bought this when my trusty Rimmel Powder Blush, which had been abandoned over summer in place of bronzer, finally ran out. I had been wanting to try out a creme blush for a while after reading good things online about them and also after purchasing a Real Techniques Stippling Brush, which is meant to be incredible for applying them. This was actually a bit of a random buy, but I am really pleased with it. Topshop Make Up in general rarely disappoints me, but this one in particular was pretty great. It's a lovely peachy pink shade which applies really well, but you have to be careful, because a little does go a long way, so you don't want to look like you have caught the sun! However, overall a great product and I will definitely have to repurchase!

I had read far and wide about the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers, all good things! I was desperate to try it because I'm not much of a lip gloss girl and prefer a matte lip completely. Luna is a gorgeous peach shade (you are probably seeing a pattern here) which has a really creamy texture. Again, you don't need much! I find that using everything on the wand can be slightly overpowering, so personally wipe off the excess first, but other than that I really can't fault this product!

 When I left uni, I didn't bring many things home with me because I couldn't carry them all, so this meant leaving my beloved Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter behind. Sad face. However, I had forgotten all about this little beauty. An unopened Christmas present from a couple of years ago, I was a bit sceptical how this would work, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is moisturising and smells amazing, so easy to just spritz on after a shower. It does require a bit of rubbing in, but nothing compared to all the calories I must burn rubbing in the Righteous Butter! Really glad I've found this and I will definitely be repurchasing this for my summer holiday.
I did a full review on this at the start of the month, and I have used it literally every day since. Unless I have decided to properly straighten or curl my hair - which isn't often, I'm lazy like that - I use this every time I wash my hair. I have been in a constant beach waves phase for the entire month. Sadly, it is nearly all gone, but since it is such a bargain, I shall definitely be buying this again - if only it came in a larger bottle! I do think that this has honestly saved my hair from a lot of heat abuse this month and it is looking a lot healthier than usual, to the point where people have been complimenting me on it. I love this product - LOVE LOVE LOVE - and I am sure it will be a firm beauty favourite for many years to come!
Last but certainly not least, this month's other hair saviour - the Tangle Teezer. Not exactly a new product, in fact it has become a bit of a cult beauty own now, but after months of the teeth of my hair brush falling out onto my floor, I couldn't take it any longer and took the plunge - and I've never looked back since. This detangles my hair almost effortlessly; I don't dread brushing it anymore for fear of it hurting, because the teeth are designed to reduce tugging; and I swear it has made it softer in some way. I think that may be me using it in the shower to comb through my hair when it has conditioner in it, so the product is evenly distributed. The only thing I dislike is the lack of handle, so TANGLE TEEZER TEAM IF YOU ARE READING THIS GIVE US ONE WITH A HANDLE. THANKS.

What have your favourite products been this month? Have you tried any of mine?

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