Primark SS13 Looks.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

From left clockwise: Primark Yellow Ombre Dress; Primark Tassle Shorts; Primark High Wasited Shorts; Primark Crochet Top; Primark High Waisted Shorts
Primark Sandal; Primark Studded Racer Back Top.

 This summer is going to mark something a little bit monumental for me. I am going to attempt to avoid floral clothing. I have been wearing mainly floral clothing in summer since I was about 14, to the point where I became associated with it. However, this year, I have decided that it's time to change. I am going to branch out from the floral trend and try new things and where else to look for some inspiration than in everyone's favourite cheap and cheerful shop - Primark!
Although, Primark don't have an online store (I would have literally no money if they did) they have released a look book for Summer. My particular favourite is the yellow ombre dress, I love yellow, but it doesn't suit my skin tone that well, so maybe this will be a compromise! I'm also loving every pair of shorts I've included, so maybe there is a bit of a splurge coming on!

So wish me luck in my fight against florals! What trends do you plan to wear this summer?


  1. I so wish primark had an online store!!!

  2. The dress is gorgeous!x I love floral prints and I find really difficult to avoid them, but I find your idea really interesting:) Good luck with that!x

  3. Love them sandals and the shorts in the top right photo :)

  4. Thanks Primark!