Soap and Glory Super Eyes Super Eyes

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Soap and Glory Super Eyes Super Eyes

Usually, I wear a lot of eye make up, and I am not one of the good people that apply it without pulling and tugging at their skin to make the product look its best. Add this to ruthless removal with make up wipes night after night, and you have one shameful girl who is not taking proper care of her skin. I can't remember exactly what it was that triggered my obsession with the skin around my eyes, but one day I basically ran out and bought the only eye product I had ever read a proper review for. 

Super Eyes Super Eyes is 'Wide Awake Lifting Eye Gel' that boasts instant action and a formula that includes depuffing caffeine, pro-vitamin Panthenol, soothing aloe vera juice and 'fine-line fighting tripeptides'. The product itself is a clear gel, that in consistency looks like it is filled with bubbles. It dries quickly on the skin and doesn't effect applying make up after. I have to say, it does not have the signature Soap and Glory smell, so if you are buying it for that reason, you will be disappointed, but other than that I can't fault this product much at all. At 18, I don't really have any wrinkles anyway, but since using this product for a month, I can see a difference, in that my eyes seem a bit brighter and the dark circles have calmed down a bit. When applied, it does make you feel a bit more awake as well, which is great when I have to run off to early lectures. I'm no expert in eye creams or gels, and I think I am probably a bit too young to be this product's target market, but I like using it and after owning it for a month have barely used any, so I'm confident it will last for a while yet. They do say you should start using anti-ageing products at 18, you never know, I may just hold onto my youth forever now!

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