Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion

Friday, 17 May 2013

Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion
Summer is now fast approaching - though if someone could let the weather now that would be great - and people all over the UK are finally shedding the layers and daring to bare some skin. As someone who is very pale, this can be a slightly daunting time, as there is always the awkward in between phase before you've been away on holiday where you are lacking in colour. With a redhead for a mother, I have always been made well aware of the effects of sun damage and how easy it is to burn, (never mind how much it will age your skin in the future!) so fake tan is a definite staple in my collection.
This summer I have veered towards the fairly new Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion, as I have always loved the products from this brand. I chose it as one of my Must Have Products for Summer so I thought I should write a full review. This product is easy to apply - I love moisturisers with pumps - and adds a really nice bout of colour to the skin, which I love. However, more than most products I have used, this one clings to dry skin like there is no tomorrow, so make sure you properly prep with an exfoliator and moisturise drier areas like your knees and elbows. Also, it may sound obvious but, WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER. Cannot stress this enough. The first time I used this I thought I had managed to get it all off my hands, then was greeted the next morning by lovely orange areas between my fingers.
My only problem with this product was the smell. I love me some cocoa butter body butter mainly because of the smell, so was expecting the same with this baby. The smell is there, but it takes a while to develop. Initially, I felt there was a kind of vinegar scent to this product which grossed me out, but then after about 30 seconds out of the bottle this calmed down into a cocoa smell.
Overall, this product is something I can see myself repurchasing in the future. It's just over £5, which is a bargain for the size you get and when you compare it with other brands, it's a lot cheaper. I have a feeling it's going to be much loved over this summer.

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