Wednesday, 26 June 2013

R A I N B O W  W E E K !
Satchel - F&F at Tesco; Tropical Dry Shampoo - Batiste; Go Blonder Spray - John Frieda; Strawberry Lip Balm - Carmex; Gold Bar Necklace - H&M

So we are already on the third day of Rainbow Week on Tiny Alis! Welcome to YELLOW WEDNESDAY! One of my favourite colours in the summer because it always brings a touch of sun to any outfit. That is the main reason I purchased the Satchel from F&F at Tesco, which I did a blogpost on here. I have used it so many times since I bought it and have got so many compliments on it. Not bad for £5! Secondly, where would we be now without dry shampoo? Tropical Batiste has always been my go to scent for dry shampoo and I must have gone through about 7 cans of this stuff. A student staple for sure. Next up is a bit of a wonder product for me, the John Frieda Go Blonder Spray. Before I started using this baby, my hair was a dark mousey brown and I got very bored of it. The spray is used on damp hair and reacts with the heat you then use from styling. After months of use and a temporary ginger period, I am now blonde. No expensive salon colouring, the process will have cost me about £14 all together. I don't use it as much now, but whenever my hair looks like it needs a bit of a boost, I give this a little spritz. Next is another old favourite, Carmex. This has been around as long as we can all remember, and my personal favourite is the Strawberry scent. Gone through so many tubes and will go through many more. Last one, okay a bit of a cheat, it is gold. This necklace from H&M has been in so many of my outfit choices recently, and it was only £7. I just love how simple it is and that makes it a great piece to have.

So that brings us to almost the half way point of Rainbow Week! What would your YELLOW picks be?

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