Origins GinZing Moisturiser

Friday, 16 August 2013

Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturiser
Origins GinZing eye cream has been a huge product for so long, so when they released their face moisturiser in the same range I knew I had to have it. Origins have branded it as a shot of espresso for the skin, promising 'instant hydration' and a 'healthy, vibrant glow'.

The first thing you notice when opening the product is the citrus scent. I personally love the smell, it reminds me of lemons and oranges, and really wakes me up in the morning. However, I can see that some who prefer less strongly scented products wouldn't enjoy using this product as much. The formula itself is an oil free gel consistency that works easily into the skin. It is light weight which is perfect in the random heat that the UK have been experiencing recently and a little goes a long way which makes it great value. I have been using it for a few weeks now and can see a difference in the appearance of my skin. My complexion seems brighter and more radiant, to the point where other people have complimented me on it. If that doesn't prove that this is a great product, what else will?

Have you tried the Origins GinZing range?

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