Maybelline Babylips

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Maybelline Babylips in Pink Punch and Intense Care

Finally Maybelline have shipped their famous Babylips over to the UK, and blimey am I glad they did. The full collection features 3 SPF balms in the form of Intense Care, Hydrate and Mint Fresh and 3 tinted balms in Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. I picked up one from each section, but to be honest I am tempted to get the whole range.

The formula is incredibly moisturising but equally not heavy on the lips. It claims to moisturise for 8 hours and while I don't think it lasts quite that long on a day to day basis with eating and drinking involved, it does last a while. Pink Punch leaves a gorgeous pink sheer finish on the lips and also smells amazing. I have been wearing this a lot recently to keep my lips hydrated but with a hint of colour. Intense Care has been my go to when my lips feel especially sore, and though I do love it, it is my least favourite of the two because of the funny taste it leaves in your mouth. Not exclusive to this product as I get that a lot with SPF lip products, but just personally I find it unpleasant.

Currently in stock at Boots for £2.99 with a Buy One Get One Half Price Offer going down, there really is no excuse not to try them. After all, they made us Brits wait long enough.


  1. looks great:)
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  3. I love the babylips and I have Hydrate and Pink Punch! They are so good arn't they? x

  4. I tried my friends recently and it was so lovely and moisterising x