Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Little Bo Peep

Friday, 29 November 2013

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Little Bo Peep

I was first introduced to this shade a few months ago by Suzie from Hello October, and after I saw her wear it, went out and bought it before completely just forgetting about it entirely. However, a couple of weeks ago Lily Melrose featured it on her blog, and after remembering it was a colour I already owned, I figured it was time to give it another try.

Now describing the colour of this polish is what confuses me. In the bottle, it looks a very pale sky blue. On application, it looks almost like a light grey, and then in other lights it looks lilac. Either way, I think that the uncertainty of it makes me like it even more. In terms of formula, the 60 Seconds range from Rimmel isn’t my favourite, because they definitely take longer than a minute to dry. This shade also took 3 coats before it was opaque, and a base coat is definitely necessary, but for the colour it’s worth it. This is definitely unique to any other colour I have in my collection, and although pastels are more associated with Spring, I feel like the grey undertone gives it an Autumn/Winter edge.

Made Up - Christmas Party Look

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Monday, 25 November 2013

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant 
During winter, the cold air and constant central heating can play havoc with not only your skin, but especially your lips. However, dry lips was something that I strangely suffered with this summer, which was really annoying because I could not seem to find a single thing to get rid of it. A friend then recommended that I try the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, so I ordered it, but was slightly dubious about what a cream was going to do for dry lips. Turns out, pretty much everything.

The cream is a balm consistency, which soaks into the lips quickly and is incredibly moisturising. Within a week of using this, my dry lips had pretty much cleared up completely. I am now completely addicted to the stuff and will probably be for a very long while. I know that this is a favourite of Tanya Burr’s so it must be good! They retail in Boots for around £18 but I searched around on Amazon and got mine for around £10. This has become such a staple in my routine, and is obviously now more important than ever in the winter months!

Casetagram Phone Case

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Casetagram Phone Case

After dropping my beloved Samsung down the toilet a couple of months ago, I was informed by my provider that if I waited a tiny bit longer, I could get the new iPhone 5S. For two or three weeks I braved it with a retro, internet less, old-school phone, and when the day came that my beautiful iPhone arrived, I never wanted to have to use the old phone again. So I vowed two things, firstly to be especially careful with my phone around toilets, and secondly to get myself a case. 

I had seen the Casetagram a while ago on Lily Pebbles’ blog, but at the time, didn’t want to buy one for a Samsung that I knew I would be upgrading soon. But now I had a beautiful new phone to dress up, so I took the plunge and ordered my case. Casetagram are a company that allow you to make a customised case with your own pictures, will manufacture it and then send it to you. I made a collage of the people and places I love, along with a cheeky snippet of one of my favourite sayings too. The case itself is sturdy and well made, and the service from Casetagram was brilliant. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, it may be a bit pricey for what people would normally spend on a phone case, but I wanted one to last rather than swap mine up all the time. The price also varies on the model of phone you have, mine was around £25. It’s also something that lots of people have complimented me on, having something so unique to me is really nice! 

Maybelline Brow Drama

Friday, 22 November 2013

Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown
In terms of brows, the high street had a mighty great big hole in it, in terms of the lack of eyebrow gel. All the high end brands seem to offer some kind of eyebrow fixer or other, and all the drugstore seemed to be able to offer was Natural Collection Clear Mascara. So when Maybelline released their Brow Drama range, budget beauty junkies all breathed a sigh of relief, and I rushed out to get my hands on one. 

It comes in three shades: Deep Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. I use the Medium Brown shade, which works well with my brow colour, especially since dying my hair brunette. What I really love about this product is the wand, a larger ball on the end of a skinny mascara-esque brush, which makes it easy to get even the smaller hairs. The formula itself is great, though I would say less is definitely more with this one, even though it is tinted, layering it on will make your brows crispy as hell. These retail for around a fiver in Boots, compared with some high end offerings going for around £20, so if the price doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what else will! 

Latest In Beauty: The Glamour Beauty Edit

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Glamour Beauty Edit - Latest in Beauty - £14.95 + P+P

 So, I hope you are all prepared for an incredibly photo heavy post. Earlier this month, my Glamour edition for December arrived in the post and as soon as I saw that Glamour's beauty editor Alexandra Steinherr had collaborated with Latest In Beauty again, I immediately ordered my box. I loved the last one, which I did a review on here, so I expected great things from this one too. It truly hasn't disappointed.

I'm Back

Sunday, 17 November 2013

So as you may or may not have noticed, Tiny Alis has been a bit AWOL for the last month or so. Yet again life has got in the way of my blogging schedule, and it has had to take a bit of back seat. As for now though I am back, with a more organised format so hopefully that will continue through and be easier to keep an eye on.

The new schedule will involve 4 posts a week. Monday and Friday will both be normal reviews, Wednesday will be a make up look and Sunday will be a little bit of whatever I fancy! First post goes up tomorrow!

You might have also noticed that the blog has had a bit of makeover! This is down to Elevator Musik, so if you are on the lookout for a new blog layout then turn your direction towards her, she has some great ones! I have also started a Product Directory Page now, so if you want to find any products I have reviewed quickly check in there first. It will be updated at the end of every month.

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the latest post and thank you for all sticking with Tiny Alis.