Going Brunette

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Those who have read my blog since it started will know that for the last couple of years I have been blonde. When I was younger I went through some brief brunette stints, and my natural hair colour is a dark mousy brown, but I was adamant I wanted to be blonde, so blonde I went. Recently however, I feel like I have grown up a lot and wanted to go for a bit more a mature hair colour, plus maintaining those roots on a student budget was just never going to happen.

I dyed my hair with a box dye from Nice ’n’ Easy in their Perfect 10 range, mainly because I am massively impatient. In hindsight, this may have clouded my decision slightly, because the application was actually pretty difficult. It comes with a comb applicator, which by the time I got to the top layers of my hair just kept knotting it, meaning that the colour wasn’t distributing evenly. The finish wasn’t bad, I had clearly turned brunette, but I still wasn’t completely happy with it. I gave it a 3 week breathing period, and then re-dyed it. This time I used the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, and the results were much better!

So this is the new look! What do you guys think? Better blonde or brunette?


  1. Your hair looks lovely, its really nice to go a bit darker for the winter!
    Ive only just come across your blog, I really love your layout! :)

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  2. You look gr8 in both colours but Brunette is more sexy <3

  3. I prefer in blonde, you are different... but it 's a good to going brunette because it's your natural colour.

  4. U look pretty with both hair colors .. but I prefer Brunette.

  5. I really like the darker hair, it really suits you :)

    Ps: your profile picture is gorgeous ♥