Revlon Colourburst Matte and Lacquer Balms

Friday, 21 February 2014

Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer Balms in Demure & Vivacious + Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Showy - £7.99 each 
Another dupe for Clinique's Chubby Sticks? Oh go on then. Revlon is the latest brand to release their take on the Clinique cult product and boy oh boy, I am not disappointed. Bringing out a total of 20 shades 10 matte and 10 in glossier, 'lacquer' formula. I picked these up a few days after they came out and was all too ready to fall in love with the Matte offerings, however, surprising everyone, I actually preferred some of the shades in the Lacquer range and picked two of those up, against just the one Matte formula.

Starting with the two lacquer shades, the formula of these leaves a glossy finish, with shimmer running through it. I'm not a big fan of glittery lips, they kind of remind me of those lip glosses you'd get as a kid in starter make up kits... In the deep red shade, Vivacious, this doesn't particularly bother me as the colour sort of overarches it, but with the nude Demure, I wasn't overly keen to begin with. Not that I dislike it, but it wasn't an immediate feeling of 'oh my god that looks awesome' like with Vivacious. I find this formula to be pretty long lasting, and of course very moisturising, they really do feel like balm textures and I noticed with both sets that there is a slight scent of peppermint, which I personally love.

The matte balm in Showy I loved as I knew I would, and I definitely will be picking up other shades from this range in the near future. Showy is a hot, bubble gum pink, a shade that's perfect for that awkward crossover time between winter and spring. I find that because it's matte it's much easier to rock as a bold, daytime lip, and can really pull a look together. Again, these are very moisturising (which is nice for such a matte finish) and they are also pretty long wearing. 

These balms retail for £7.99 each, so they're a great pick to grab when the famous 3 for 2s are on at Boots. I will definitely be picking up more shades from both ranges - it really wouldn't surprise me if I ended up owning all of them - and wearing these shades right into spring.

What shades do you like from the range? Any recommendations?


  1. Everyone keeps talking about these and I just feel like getting all of them. Vivacious is lovely xx

  2. I only picked up the shade mischievous and felt pretty content... but now that I've seen your post.. I feel like my collection is incomplete without showy! haha

  3. I want to try these sooo badly, but they are always sold out, and the few that are left are always open :( but when I finally get my hands on these I definitely have to pick up Showy; also lovely blog :D

    Gabs -

  4. I know! I'm trying to ween myself into it buying one every so often, but I do think I'll end up owning them all...

  5. Haha sorry if I enabled you a bit there, I got Unapologetic since then and that one is a beauty too!

  6. That's so annoying for you! Yeah Showy is a beaut, but I also got Unapologetic since then and that one is so nice too! And thanks :)