Friday, 7 March 2014

The lovely Nikki from Floral Sundays tagged me to do this aaaaaages ago, so I'm sorry that it took me so long! Her blog is fab so make sure you check it out! I thought for the month of March, I'd do something a bit different and do a TAG every Friday so you guys get a bit more of an insight into me! Hope you enjoy!

      1.What makes you want to blog?
I started blogging to give myself something to do that would fill up my spare time, but it's become a real passion of mine now and I do it because I like to think that a look I feature or a review I write will inspire someone.

      2.Your Morning skin routine?
I've been slacking a bit on the skincare front recently - naughty naughty - but when I can actually be bothered I stick to this routine.

3.Your favourite blogger?
This is a difficult one because I have so many that I read but I think it would have to be Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up, mainly because I feel like her personality really comes through in her writing. I did a post on my favourite bloggers not long ago, you can find it here.

      4.     A beauty product you couldn’t live without?
My Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, it's a life saver.

      5.     Your favorite make-up brand (drugstore)?
I think that one is a draw between Rimmel and Revlon. Love their stuff.

      6.     Your favourite make-up brand (High-end)?
     I'm not the best advocate of high end make up (student and that) but I think my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is amazing so I'll go with them.

      7.     What is your staple wardrobe item?
    Skinny Jeans and a statement necklace. You can't go wrong.

I tag everyone and anyone who wants to do this post, but make sure you comment so I can read it!