L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Elixir

Monday, 10 March 2014

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Elixir - £15.99*
I have had a pretty interesting history with fake tan. Being pretty darn pale, fake tan has been a small necessity at times and I have done the rounds when it comes to the drugstores offerings. I'm talking moisturisers, gels, mousses, you name it, I've probably tried it. I found my favourite in the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Fake Tan (matte edition of course), but when I was sent this I was keen to see how a long lasting fake tan would suit me up against Rimmel's instant tan offering, especially since they are rebranding that range right now and I can see it being faded out of stores...

Well, it turns out that there are pretty mixed feelings. The instructions say to apply for three days consecutively and then you will be rocking a tan that lasts two weeks, which I followed. It's been a few days since the last application and I'm starting to see a few flaws... The overall colour is pretty good, and develops nicely, and the texture of the product makes it really easy to apply with your hands and not have to worry about a mitt. BUT, after a few days the colour has gone a bit patchy... I'm talking where my watch has been the colour has worn right down and I've been left with a very attractive wrist mark. You'd think with socks and shoes the same would happen to your feet and you'd be rocking the dreaded fake tan leggings? Not so. It seems to have developed even more on my feet than anywhere else on my body. I moisturised all those key areas before hand and it still came out weird. Right now it's not a problem because it's still too chilly to wear anything but boots, but if I had applied that in a season when I just want to live in flip flops, then I don't really know what I'd do.

Overall, I don't hate this product, the majority of it I was happy with, and potentially with a few goes I can get to grips with the feet situation. I don't think I'll necessarily be repurchasing, but it you're a fake tan connoisseur then maybe you'll get along with this better. As for me? I'm sticking with my Rimmel addiction!

What fake tan are you a fan of?


  1. i loveeee rimmel too, i hope they don't discontinue it, it's so idiotproof and easy to apply (and remove when you've gone overboard!). im trying out the st moriz mousse tan at the mo, as i too wanted something slightly longer lasting. im typing this with half orange, half white hands (usually my hands are too white, this time too dark...im the goldilocks of tanning). the colour is actually nice elsewhere though, even and subtle. doesn't seem to have clung to any dry patches too. and for £3.99, i would recommend it.

  2. Yeah I'm not sure, I know it's pretty new so it may be released soon?

  3. Haha, that's too funny about your hands, we've all been there! Yeah I've heard good things about St. Moriz, may have to give it a try once I finish this one.

  4. Could you do an article on how you apply fake tan?

  5. Thanks for the review, i'm not much of a tanner because 'I'm really pale and normally all products look orange on me :(
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  6. Yeah sure! Probably do it a bit closer to summer though if that's okay?

  7. Yeah I've had problems like that in the past, I'd say to make sure if you want a tan to definitely go for a matte light formula :)