Strangers Coffee House

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The other day, the weather was pretty beautiful where I live in Norwich, so my housemate and I went out for a spontaneous lunch. Norwich has so many great, independent cafes and shops in the city, which I love. You can find really individual places. We went to a place called Strangers Coffee House which was super cute. We both had some really nice sandwiches, my housemate opted for a coffee and I went for a green tea since I'm trying to get back into eating a lot healthier. We also picked up a couple of things to satisfy our sweet tooths from a little cafe nearby called Biddy's Tea Room, I went with the Mint Chocolate Cupcake. If you ever get the chance to come up to Norwich, I really recommend a lot of the places along the Lower Goat Lane area, and I think I'm going to be doing a few more lifestyle posts about these places for the next few weeks if you are interested!


  1. Norwich is very beautiful. Hope to move in the Uk this summer <3

    Andera |

  2. I will definitely visit it <3