A Mint Green Moment

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Notebook - Martha Stewart for Staples; Nail Polish - Rita Ora for Rimmel in Breakfast in Bed; Phone Case for iPhone 5S - Ebay 

I don't know what it is right now, but I have become obsessed with anything mint green. This is an addiction that stemmed from picking up one of the shades in Rita Ora's new range for Rimmel - how great is her new single by the way? #tune - which was Breakfast in Bed, a gorgeous, pastel, mint greeny blue. I picked up a few other colours, but this one stuck out to me so much. I won't bang on about all the shades because there will be a full post on it in a few weeks, but I just couldn't wait to share this shade with you.

Breakfast in Bed led me on a bit of a rampage, and I found myself digging up an old Martha Stewart notebook that I got last year, which has definitely seen better days, but is such a gorgeous shade. It has found its way back into my handbag, and I can't see it moving out of there for the foreseeable future. My final little find was this phone case which I found on Ebay, just by searching mint green phone case. I was quite happy to get a new one, as however much I loved my Casetagram case, it has managed to damage my phone by letting some small bits of dirt in which have actually scratched the back of the phone. This one seems a lot better and I've had no problems with it, despite it being a fraction of the price. I think it's super cute, and perfect for having out in spring.

I'm now on the search for even more mint green delights, and have even considered mint green jeans...? Yes or no? Do you have any recommendations for me?

The normal Made Up posts will resume next week, I'm currently moving about between uni and home and haven't been able to shoot.


  1. LOVE mint green, there's something incredibly fresh and clean about the color :o) Xx

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