Seventeen Wow! Skin 3 Way Highlighter

Friday, 25 April 2014

Seventeen Wow! Skin 3 Way Highlighter - £5.99

After finally coming to the end of my Bourjois Happy Light Illuminating Primer, I was looking for a replacement. My housemate had been going on and on about this stuff for a couple of months before I went and purchased it, she loves it but after a while stopped finding it in Boots because it kept selling out. Something about that told me it was pretty darn popular for a reason so I should give it a go. I have been trialling it for a while now, back since my Everyday Make Up Look in March, and I have finally got round to gathering my thoughts on it.

An important thing to note with this product is that it's pretty versatile and can be used in a bunch of ways, which makes your money go further, even if it is a bargain. I personally use it as a primer before applying my base, but it can also be added to your foundation to add a drop of radiance and as a liquid highlighter to finish off a base. The product itself is a pearly liquid, which feels relatively lightweight on the skin and does add a lovely glow to your skin. However, there is a teeny weeny disclaimer that comes with it. Less is DEFINITELY more. My Bourjois Primer was one of those where you could never apply too much, and this product sits comfortably at the complete opposite end of that spectrum. On my first application, I ended up looking like a disco ball, and I didn't feel I'd used that much at all. I find that one pump evenly distributed around the face is the perfect amount, and anything left over goes on the higher points of the face.

Overall, it really is a great little primer, and such a great little bargain. Hopefully sales will start to settle down a bit soon and it won't continue to be a common fixture in the constantly sold out list.

Have you tried any illuminating products?


  1. I like that it's a primer so you can use it under the foundation too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Hmm I'm looking for a new illuminating primer so I'll check this out in Boots x

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  3. Yeah that's definitely how I prefer to use it, it just adds a lovely glow to make up!

  4. Yeah this one is awesome, I know Revlon have a great one too!